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Vintage Wedding Rings and Engagement Rings – Your Guide

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Whether you’re purchasing a wedding ring or an engagement ring, you may want to think about going vintage.

Vintage wedding rings and engagement rings are a stunning, eco-friendly choice, but they may not be the right choice for every woman.

If you’re interested in vintage rings, it’s an excellent idea to learn more about the pros and cons they have to offer.

Once you decide that vintage engagement or wedding rings are the perfect choice, follow our helpful buying tips to make the right choice for your special ring.

The Pros and Cons of Vintage Wedding Rings and Engagement Rings

Vintage wedding rings and vintage diamond engagement rings come with their own set of pros and cons.

Before deciding to choose vintage rings, keep the following pros and cons in mind.

Pro #1 – Beautiful Craftsmanship – One of the main pros of vintage wedding and engagement rings is the beautiful craftsmanship they offer.

In the past, jewelers worked diligently on every ring that was made.

Jewelry making was an art form.

Artisans thought out and planned each ring carefully, and then the ring was crafted with great attention to detail.

Pro #2 – Unique Options – When you choose vintage wedding rings or engagement rings, you have the benefit of finding unique options.

If you prefer unique, one-of-a-kind jewelry, then vintage rings are the perfect choice for you.

Pro #3 – High Value – Since vintage rings are rare and hard to find, they have a high value.

The longer you have these rings, the more valuable they become.

When you purchase vintage diamond engagement rings, you have a valuable piece of jewelry that can be passed down through the family for generations to come.

Con #1 – Expensive – While vintage wedding and engagement rings are very valuable, they are quite expensive as well.

If you have a tight budget, then a vintage ring may not be the best option for your needs.

Con #2 – Fragile – Since vintage rings are quite old, they can be fragile in some cases.

If you have a job that requires you to use your hands a lot, then you may not want to wear a vintage ring daily.

 Are Vintage Wedding and Engagement Rings for You?

Now that you’re aware of the pros and cons that come with vintage wedding rings and engagement rings, you may be wondering how to decide of these rings are the best choice for you.

Here are a few facts about vintage rings that can help you decide.

First, when you look at vintage rings, you’ll find that they generally come with different diamond shapes than you see today.

Common diamond shapes found in vintage diamond engagement rings include rose-cut, asscher-cut and emerald-cut diamonds.

While these shapes aren’t as brilliant as some of the more modern cuts, they still offer unique beauty that many brides appreciate.

Since many vintage wedding rings and engagement rings come with beautiful colored gemstones, they are a perfect if you want some color for your ring.

Sapphires, yellow diamonds, emeralds, marcasites and rubies are all popular stones found on these older rings.

In most cases, vintage rings are a lot more ornate than their modern counterparts are.

Many vintage rings have handcrafted details, beautiful scrolling, accent stones and other beautiful touches.

While women who prefer a sleek modern look may not appreciate these ornate styles, if you love the ornate, vintage look, you’ll love these rings.

When it comes to metals, platinum and yellow gold are the more popular metals used for vintage rings.

In some cases, you may find rings done in rose gold.

If you want a ring in white gold, they’ll you’ll probably need to go with a more modern ring.

Tips for Purchasing Vintage Wedding Rings and Engagement Rings

If you’ve decided that you really want a vintage engagement or wedding ring, it’s important to know what to look for when you’re ready to buy.

Purchasing a vintage ring is a bit different than choosing a modern ring.

Keep the following tips in mind as you prepare to purchase your vintage ring.

Tip #1 – Pay Attention to the Durability of the Ring – As you look for a vintage wedding or engagement ring, make sure you pay attention to the durability of the ring.

Some vintage rings come in flowery, fragile styles, which may not be a good choice for women who use their hands a lot.

If you’ll only wear the ring for special occasions, then a delicate ring is fine.

Tip #2 – Look at the Stone Setting – It’s also important to look at the stone setting before choosing vintage diamond engagement rings or wedding rings.

Make sure that the stones are firmly in place.

Shake the ring.

If it makes noise, then the stones are probably loose.

Tip #3 – Buy a Ring in the Right Size – You need to make sure you buy a vintage ring in the right size.

Make sure that you only purchase a vintage option that is within two sizes of your own ring size.

This way the ring can be easily sized to fit your finger without a problem.

Tip #4 – Check Out Stone Quality and Size – The stones used in many vintage engagement and wedding rings were cut long before the precision cutting technology we have today evolved.

In most cases, the color, clarity and cut of diamonds used in vintage rings is only estimated and you probably won’t receive a laboratory certificate for the stone set in your vintage ring.

However, most women who prefer vintage rings are looking for the visual impact offered by the ring, not the size of the diamond or the clarity of the stone.

Tip #5 – Find Out About the Return Policy – Last, make sure that you find out about the return policy offered on the vintage, ring, particularly if you are purchasing it online.

If the ring isn’t really want you want once you see it in person, you want to have the option to return it.

However, if you have the ring modified, you probably won’t be able to return it.

Make sure you’re really in love with the ring before any modifications are made.

Remember, the wedding ring and engagement ring you choose is a very personal choice.

These are rings you’ll have for your entire life.

If you love the idea of vintage wedding rings and engagement rings, find one that suits your own sense of style and your budget.

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