Vintage Designer Clothing

Vintage designer clothing represents and rouses the unique fashion sense and creativity of past generations

This type of clothing is very much appreciated in the modern market.

Important pieces such as vintage designer dresses have always been copied and reproduced by various clothing companies in the fashion industry.

This only shows how much potential they have.

Current trends include vintage clothing because of their concrete styles.

People find vintage fashion popular and trendy, but people wear them for several reasons:

To be unconventional.

Some people like to follow trends because they want to be attractive and cool.

If you choose to be a trendsetter, make sure that you are aware of the latest styles and designs.

If you wish to stand out in a crowd of fashionistas, you should wear unique clothing.

This is what vintage designer clothing is all about.

That distinct look is what sets vintage clothing apart from other trendy ensembles.

To acquire one-of-a-kind fashion pieces.

“Deadstock” designer vintage fashion items may still be out there somewhere.

You may be lucky enough to acquire some of them that have tags still intact.

The vintage items may have been manufactured in a specific era but have never been used by the masses as part of their fashion dogma.

If you wear any of these items now, you can have truly amazing fashion experiences.

Attracting vintage fashion lovers like you is one of them.

To get value for money.

A fashion piece designed and produced decades ago is made of long lasting, timeless materials.

Investing in them allows you to have pieces that are worth every penny.

It is far better than devoting your clothing budget to purchasing mediocre and even inferior made clothing.

To wear history.

Every vintage designer clothing has a story or history.

Wearing such clothes relives those memories with elegance and sophistication.

Knowing that particular history also equips you with interesting conversation starters.

To mix and match.

You don’t really have to wear strict vintage from head to toe.

Most people don’t. Instead, they mix and match certain vintage pieces, incorporating them into their modern outfits.

Doing so, adds vintage flavor to the entire look.

You can find a treasure trove of such pieces at low prices in various shops.

If you want to upgrade your fashion sense, you should start spending time hunting for them, online and offline.

To wear something of quality.

It is rare for contemporary clothing to have the same detail and quality as vintage pieces such as vintage designer dresses.

Their textiles and prints are far superior to any blend you find in retail shops.

To be environment-friendly.

You cannot just throw away vintage designer clothing.

If you keep it in your closet and re-use it, you keep your environment healthy.

To be creative.

With vintage clothing, anyone can be creative.

Various vintage pieces allow you to express yourself and stand out more.

You become interesting when you wear vintage clothing.

Brightly colored or elaborate vintage pieces can brighten up any gathering very easily.

With vintage designer clothing, you can lighten anyone’s mood and even get acquainted immediately.

To have the perfect attirefor special gatherings. 

Sometimes, you can never figure out the right thing to wear when you need to attend a special event.

If you love vintage and you have a collection of gorgeous vintage designer dresses in your closet, there’s nothing to worry about.

Vintage clothes always provide a formal and classic look, so you won’t have any issues about what to wear for the occasion at all.

The Designers of Vintage

Hunting for vintage clothes?

Look at the names behind them.

Below are some of the prominent designers of vintage clothing:

Yves Saint Laurent.

Saint Laurent’s work is timeless and only becomes more beautiful as years pass.

He always aimed to make clothes that women need and want to wear.

The fashion world owes the silk ballgowns, the jumpsuit, the taffeta, the trapeze dress, the safari pieces, and the le smoking jacket to this talented designer.

Christian Dior.

Monsieur Dior’s creations always possess a classic silhouette that is timeless and one-of-a-kind.

That is why his pieces should not be given away once you have them in your closet.

James Galanos.

Galanos’ work is the answer of the United States to European fashion snobbery.

He made luxurious gowns that were only fit for high society women.

Vintage designer dresses by Galanos continue to increase in value.

Once you have one of his pieces, you should never give it away.

Thea Porter.

Thea Porter has always been known for her regard for Arabic textiles and designs.

The ornate and airy styles are reflected through her modern designs.

The comfort and exotic flair of her work make them very worthwhile pieces to have.

How to Wear Vintage Designer Clothing

Are you afraid you will look costume-y if you wear vintage designer clothing?

Here are some tips in going vintage and looking hip at the same time:

Wear modern makeup and hairstyles.

Take note that you do not need to recreate the vintage makeup and hair that was originally worn with the vintage designer dresses you wear.

You can be a modern girl, wearing vintage styles and get away with it.

Pick some vintage pieces that look current.

There are many contemporary designers who replicate vintage designs and reinterpret them in their modern pieces.

It is easier to incorporate them into your new wardrobe, allowing them to give you an elegant look without going overboard.

Choose modern accessories.

A whimsical piece of vintage designer clothing can become part of your modern reality if you pair it with modern sunglasses, shoes, and bags.

Do not forget to highlight certain colors that are present in the vintage piece that you wear.

If you are wearing a vintage black piece, wear vibrant accessories to modernize it.

Going vintage takes courage for some people.

They usually think that wearing a garment as old as their grandmother or great grandmother can make them look as mature.

You should always remember that vintage clothing has elegance and sophistication that can never be imitated by modern fashion.

So, if you want to stand out and turn heads in the most alluring way possible, start collecting and wearing vintage designer clothing.

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