Vintage Necklace

The Eternal Style of a Vintage Necklace

necklace and earrings female with white precious stones


Necklaces are one of the most basic accessories especially among women.

With a pendant, piled bib or just a simple chain, these ornaments can do wonders to your over-all look.

They can be worn in different occasions from casual lunches to formal dinners; necklaces can deliver faultless fashion statements.

There are also different types of necklaces and one of them is Vintage Necklaces.

Like other vintage jewelries, these necklaces are still very popular not just for jewelry collectors but for all stylish individuals.

Identifying Vintage from the Rest

Unless you are a jewelry expert, it is really hard to identify and distinguish a Vintage Necklace from others.

When we speak of vintage, we always regard it as old. But vintage from clothing to cars, is more than just being old.

Vintage refers to things that are at least 20 years old. Vintage is also different from antique which should be at least 50 years.

From this description, a vintage piece will eventually become an antique jewelry.

If you have a necklace that dates back from 1980s, it is already a vintage jewelry.

With this, a more relaxed criteria, it is never hard to find and own a vintage piece like a necklace.

You can get these necklaces from flea markets and antique shops or from your mother’s jewelry box!

If you are on a real hunt for these fashion pieces, check them online.

It is not impossible to own these items for a good bargain.

In terms of value and prices, they can go from hundreds of dollars even to millions depending on the materials used.

Designer vintage pieces in gold with precious stones or diamonds will definitely cost a lot.

Flair and Fashion of a Vintage Necklace

Vintage Necklaces like other accessories are made from different materials from various designs.

Most of these vintage pieces are made of gold, silver and even sterling silver.

Some of them are filled with precious stones and other materials for crafts.

Those who are into designer jewelries can find vintage Christian Dior gold and silver pieces that you can wear for any occasion.

They also have funky and artistic designs.

Simpler designer are those pendants from flowers to charms.

There are also fearless designs like those cascading and layered chains with different beads, stones and other ornaments.

How to Wear a Vintage Necklace

Fashion-forward individuals prefer these types of necklaces for their bold image.

Wear them alone and you can create a daring look.

With these necklaces, you can instantly add personality to a simple outfit.

In a flash, a simple jeans and shirt outfit can become a stunner when paired with a vintage Christian Dior 1980s necklace.

Since most of these necklaces are already fashion statements, you don’t have to wear other accessories.

You can skip your earrings so these accessories will not “compete” with each other.

If you are not comfortable going out with “naked” ears, then choose those simple ones.

Your necklace should be the center and focal point of your over-all look.

You can also accentuate your vintage jewelry if you wear them over a simple shirt or dress.

They are best worn with a plain colored garment.


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