Vintage Engagement Rings

The Appeal of Vintage Engagement Rings

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You might wonder why anyone would choose a vintage engagement ring.

First of all they are old and have been used by other people.

Secondly, the designs are probably not even in fashion anymore.

But the fact that they are old is part of the appeal.

If they were not old they would simply be ordinary rings and not vintage.

Just because they are old does not automatically mean they have no value.

When the stones one finds in Vintage Engagement Rings were originally cut they were done so manually since there were no lasers around to do the job.

This has resulted in each stone being unique.

If you are serious about buying a vintage engagement ring you should consider investing in a loupe which will allow you to examine the stone more closely.

While the majority of jewellers will not hesitate to loan you one it is still best to have your own for those occasions when a loupe is not available.

Of course you will discover, thanks to the loupe, that there are differences between the stones and none are likely to be absolutely perfect but the imperfections and differences are what make these rings so special.

The ring that Prince Charles gave Princess Diana is a good example of a popular design in Vintage Engagement Rings.

Colored stones are used as well as diamonds and usually it is the colored stone, such as an emerald or sapphire, which is surrounded by the diamonds.

In the earlier part of the 20th century the traditional wedding set was comprised of an engagement ring and a wedding band.

The former usually boasted a single large solitaire while the latter was either plain or had a selection of smaller stones.

Vintage Engagement Rings usually do not contain stones as large as the ones we see today.

A one karat diamond was considered large back when these rings were designed and manufactured.

Through advancements in diamond cutting and mining we are now able to own larger and better quality stones.

However, this can result in less sentimentality and even the beauty of the setting can be compromised all for the size.

What makes Vintage Engagement Rings so attractive is that they come in such an array.

They can be very ornate with beautiful and intricate filigree work, or they can be simple and yet elegant.

Very often you will find an inscription in the band of a vintage engagement ring and you might want to have it changed by a jeweller to suit the new owner and the present circumstances.

On the other hand the inscription may be just right.

Finding a ring with something like  “Forever Yours” engraved on the inside would be fine but one with “For Elizabeth” would not be if your fiancée’s name is not Elizabeth!

With your loupe take a close look at the inside of the band to see if there is a hallmark.

Jewellery from around the 19th century usually did not carry a karat marking but sometimes the craftsman would engrave a symbol or mark to identify the design as their own.

If you want to know what the symbol means you will need to consult a goldsmith’s guide.

The setting is also something you must not neglect to check because over the years the setting can become loose.

A reputable jeweller would be able to repair any loose settings but be sure to compare prices.

A word of caution however would be to reconsider any jeweller who tends to send the item out for work instead of doing it on his premises.

Certain things are irreplaceable and you will not find the same ring elsewhere so rather do not run the risk.

Do not rush your purchase and instead consider all the options available to you.

Remember the ring you buy is meant to last a lifetime and you want to make the right choice.

A ring that is vintage is not going to fall apart from age so do not let this discourage you.

Simply know what you need to look for and then enjoy the experience.

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