Vintage Jewelry

Traditional Vintage Jewelry

  Every so often, while passing a store window or surfing  the net, you will come across someone selling Vintage Jewelry. It looks so old fashioned. Why on earth would anyone want something that was used? Vintage Jewelry, whether it be brooches set with semi-precious stones or grandmother’s engagement ring, has stood the test of time. They are still in someone’s…

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Vintage Earrings

Vintage is hot Vintage is in Vintage is the new black

  Vintage is hot. Vintage is in. Vintage is the new black. Yes, everything vintage spices up even the simplest get-up. Many are into collecting different accessories from different eras; from simple and charming, to elegant and classy, or dramatic and unique. Vintage is suitable for all sorts of events and fashion, for the casual to the most important moment…

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Vintage Necklace

The Eternal Style of a Vintage Necklace

  Necklaces are one of the most basic accessories especially among women. With a pendant, piled bib or just a simple chain, these ornaments can do wonders to your over-all look. They can be worn in different occasions from casual lunches to formal dinners; necklaces can deliver faultless fashion statements. There are also different types of necklaces and one of…

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Bridal Jewelry

Bridal Jewelry – Consider Vintage Bridal Jewelry

  When it comes to choosing the perfect Bridal Jewelry for your wedding we understand how difficult it can be. You want everything to be perfect, and sometimes the bride is more focused on the wedding dress anyways. However, you need the right accessories to make this special day glamorous, so don’t forget about; earrings, bracelets, hair jewelry, or anything else. A…

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