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How to Choose the Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring

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Diamond engagement rings are an inseparable part of the perfect marriage proposal.

With all the shapes, sizes and colors offered on the market, however, it is not an easy task to choose the ideal one.

Choosing perfect diamond wedding rings and engagement rings doesn’t have to be a frustrating task.

When you have the right knowledge, you can turn the process in a pleasant experience.

Here are some helpful tips that will assist you in selecting the perfect engagement ring for your lady.

Consider Her Taste

Thinking about your loved one’s preferences is the first thing to do.

Is her style extravagant or simple?

Does she have a preference for a particular material when it comes to jewelry?

Can she wear any kind of metal or is she allergic to some of them?

Answer these questions before starting to think about the other features of the ring.

Choosing a jewel that fits her style shows you are caring and thoughtful and would make the unforgettable moment perfect.

Why a Diamond Ring?

Diamonds are the traditional choice when it comes to wedding rings and there is more than one reason why.

Diamonds are enduring and don’t lose their polish.

In addition, diamond is a really hard material that cannot be scratched. In fact, you can only scratch a diamond with another diamond.

These properties, together with the fact that diamonds match any outfit, make them appropriate for daily wearing.

So, unless your wife-to-be has expressly told you she does not like diamonds or that she greatly prefers another gem, this precious stone is the natural choice.

Choose the Right Diamond

There are few things you need to know about diamonds in order to select the best one for the budget at your disposal.

Learn more about the Four C’s of Diamonds, the universal method of assessing diamond quality:

Carat: this is a measurement of the weight of the diamond.

Traditionally, diamond engagement rings are one carat but this measurement itself does not speak about the overall quality of the gem.

If you are on a limited budget, buying a one-carat engagement ring might not be the best decision since the gem would probably not score high on the other quality indicators.

Color: the highest-quality diamonds are colorless.

The hue of the diamond is measured form D to Z, D being the rarest, most structurally perfect and colorless diamond.

Usually, people prefer buying diamond engagement rings graded from D to I because these are nearly identical when mounted to the ring.

Clarity: diamonds are natural stones and as such, they have imperfections.

The precious stones with the least imperfections have the highest clarity and are the most valuable.

Diamonds with fewer flaws reflect more light and are thus more brilliant.

Cut: this measurement is the most complex and the most important one.

It is used to identify how good the diamond interacts with the light.

The most sparkling diamonds are those having a round cut.

The cuts that best hide the flaws of the stone are the radiant and the princess.

If you want to surprise your fiancée with a big gem, you should know that the oval shape looks the best on larger diamonds.

Considerations about the Band

Now that you know everything you need to know about the diamond, it is time to think about diamond engagement rings and their bands.

These come in various styles, which is why you need to pay attention to the details.

It’s important to choose the right size of the band so that it can fit your lady’s finger.

You can try to sneak out one of her rings and give it to the jeweler.

If you can’t do this, take a look at the average ring size (seven) and try to figure out if your future wife’s finger size is a bit bigger or smaller than that.

If you are still unsure, you can follow one simple rule – the bigger size is the better option because not being able to put the ring on your girlfriend’s finger would ruin the special moment.

The most common materials used for the bands of diamond wedding rings are gold, silver or platinum.

It is good to have an idea about which of these precious metals is your significant other’s favorite.

Also, keep in mind that there are different types of gold so that you can tell the difference when you go to the jewelry store.

Yellow gold is the natural state of the precious metal. It looks yellow-orange in color.

White gold has an off-white color and is usually plated with another metal in order to appear silvery.

Platinum is a hard and strong material that has a silvery color, as well.

The Make of the Ring

Selecting a good jewelry shop is crucial for getting the highest possible quality and authentic materials.

Do your research online and ask your married friends so that you find a certified diamond ring shop and the best price to quality ratio.


There are a few things you need to know when planning on your budget.

According to one tradition, a man should spend the worth of two of his salaries on an engagement ring.

However, it is up to you to decide if you should follow the tradition.

Think about whether you can afford it and whether your girl attaches importance to the value of the ring.

You should let the jewelry shop representative know the price range you can afford.

The range of diamond engagement rings you’ll see will correspond to that criterion.


It’s wise to ensure the ring because this piece of jewelry has a very high value.

If the diamond you bought is larger than one carat, you can also ask for a certificate of authenticity and a warranty.

These are just some of the essentials of choosing diamond engagement rings.

Trying to keep all of these in mind while shopping will lead to the selection of a piece that is meaningful, beautiful to look at and symbolic of your relationship.

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