Retro Vintage

Every generation likes to think back to earlier days when life was simple, innocent and fun

Every generation likes to think back to earlier days when life was simple, innocent and fun.

Retro vintage is often used to describe anything material that brings back that hint of time.

The 60s were an age when styles did not evolve as much as explode.

There were fresh new displays of peace symbols, tie-dye shirts, shag rugs, and neon signs which shook up past conservative movements.

This period represented freedom and nature, unlike any other time period before or since.

By decorating your home or wearing retro style clothing, you can reinstate a glimpse of this movement that will never be forgotten.

The 1950s featured blond-colored wood furniture and the beginning of chemicals that protected fabrics from stains.

However, in college dorms it was not unusual to find massive vinyl bean bags that were perfect for falling into.

Filled with tiny plastic balls, the awkward shape would give way to conform to any size body and engulf you like a glove.

Wicker was also widely recognized as a natural material that represented the freedom of the outdoors and chairs were often padded with brightly-colored pillows or accented with huge polka-dots or beaded fringes.

Homemade macramé plant hangers that boasted round glass bottoms were displayed proudly in living room corners.

Light some patchouli incense and the mood was set.

The brighter, the better, was the concept used in designer fabrics, lighting and wall hangings of the retro vintage age of the 60s.

Lava lamps were found on every coffee table and bedroom night stand.

Using your vivid imagination, the shapes that formed from blobs of wax in heated liquid could mesmerize the mind for hours.

Colors that were inspired by nature opened up a whole new look with yellows, gold, Avocado, jade and Coppertone.

Black lights highlighted psychedelic colors from paintings and high-tech metallic and mirrored-look hanging globes of the discos.

This retro vintage time was also the beginning of Modernism and abstract expressionism in artwork.

Gone were the traditional outdoor scenes that brought calm and serenity.

The new look focused on imagination and vividness, a sign of the rebellious nature of war and authority.

Classic movies and sit-coms are also retro vintage with clean humor and honest hard-working folk.

“Batman” and “The Dirty Dozen” are among the list of all-time favorites and considered retro vintage being viewed over and over again.

Some of the retro vintage sit-comes that never grow old include “The Beverly Hillbillies”, “Gilligan’s Island” and “Andy Griffith Show.”

Music is another way to describe the awesome era of the 60s with many remakes that will not allow them to die.

Elvis Presley and Ray Charles led the way for rock and roll to take the nation by storm.

Musical groups seemed to form from every corner of the country with a uniqueness and style all their own.

Out of nowhere, bands from across the pond began to emerge.

The Beatles and the Rolling Stones introduced Americans to a like-minded hope of freedom and adventure.

Cruising around the country with friends and little money was best served with vans that were turned into temporary homes with air mattresses, ice-boxes and of course, great stereo systems.

It was not unusual to find ceilings and walls adorned with shag carpet and black lights.

While this retro vintage look is long gone, today’s RVs are taken from the concept.

For shorter trips and saving on gas, VW beetles were all the rage.

These have managed to stay popular today.

However, the cost is quite a bit more exuberant than in the 60s.

The remembrance of the 60s will occasionally show up in styles today as designers attempt to recreate a classic style with a new flair.

Seldom does a trend take hold, however.

The early days that formed retro vintage represented a passion that transpired during a particular time period and one that cannot be duplicated no matter how hard designers try.

Bell bottom pants have quietly tried to make a comeback with little fan fair.

Peasant tops and tie dye shirts show up from time to time.

However, lack of being the real thing is soon discovered and the style quickly dies.

The one exception is concert tee shirts that were worn so much that they were reduced to shreds.

This type of retro style clothing is acceptable and welcomed by many retro vintage fans.

There are many online stores that carry nothing but retro style clothing due to the popularity of items.

The style is just good clean fun and brings a smile to anyone that sports the era.

Tee shirts are definitely the easiest to represent in casual wear with everything from peace signs to Psychodelic art and symbols of free-spirited days.

There are a few items that may never be seen on the street, such as go-go boots with mini skirts, but you can bet that many collectors have these items in their homes.

There are many collectors of the 60s movement that find solace in the time period that changed America forever.

From framed posters of rock groups to lava lamps, mixing and matching retro with modern is becoming a passion of many.

Figurines are perfect for keeping vintage items remembered and protected.

Ceramic dragon, pet rocks and plastic bobble-headed figures will start a conversation about retro vintage from friends and visitors.

Regardless if you grew up in the 60s or 70s, retro style clothing and retro items are awesome to have.

It was all about fun and discovery, feelings and freedom, and expanding your knowledge of the world and nature.

If you have never paid much attention to the 60s era, host a retro party and get ready for the best time of your life.

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