Custom Wedding Rings

Custom Wedding Rings: Build Your Own!

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There are times in life that are more than just moments.

They are the celebrations and activities that will forever change the course of your future.

One of these momentous occasions is your wedding day.

Not only are you planning an event, you are pledging to spend the rest of your life, for better or worse, with a fellow human being (not to mention their family!).

Of all the days in your life, this one is going to mean a lot, so why not mark the occasion with something truly special such as a custom wedding ring.


Of course, there are plenty of traditional rings to choose from that are beautiful and noteworthy, but if you are like many people today, you want to show your style in all aspects of your life.

So why not skip the traditional diamond encrusted gold, silver or white gold and opt for something that really speaks to who you are today and who you will be as a couple?

Make no mistake, there is absolutely nothing wrong with traditional rings and sets, but since you are on a page titled custom wedding rings, you probably want to know a little more about what your nuptial options are.

Custom Wedding Rings

There are a couple questions you need to ask yourself before you begin shopping for a custom wedding ring.

First, do you want to design it yourself or would you prefer to give someone the general idea and let them come up with some designs for you to approve?

Hey, not everyone is artistically gifted and while you may know exactly what you want in your mind if you were to put it to paper it might look more like a piece of twine with rhinestones attached.

Do you want something with a traditional feel but has your own personal mark on it?

A blending of two worlds, if you will, that provides a gorgeous ring to pass down to the next generation, but includes just a little bit of your own personality?

Are you ready to go buck wild and create the most outlandish (to other people) design on the planet?

Perhaps your idea of something expressing true love is black gold shimmering with ruby reds and emerald greens.

Most of the time, you are only limited by your imagination and your budget when it comes to custom wedding rings.

Wedding Ring Metals

Let’s start with the basics and look at some of the more popular wedding ring materials.

There are basically eight different materials rings are made out of today, this includes:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Palladium
  • Titanium
  • Platinum
  • Stainless Steel
  • Tungsten
  • Wood (yes, wood!)

One note about the final ring material type: if you have images in your mind of a crudely whittled piece of business that looks like it belongs in an ancient history museum, think again.

Crafters are currently making some stunning wedding and general-purpose rings that include princess cut diamonds and much more.

Make no mistake, these rings are beautiful.

Each material type will have pros and cons that will include cost, appearance and potential plating.

Perhaps the first question you should ask before choosing your favorite is how much abuse will the ring take?

For example, 18k gold and platinum are definitely at the top when it comes to luxury rings, but tungsten, palladium and stainless steel top the list in durability.

Are you and/or your spouse to be very active people who frequently do things with your hands?

If so, you may want to start with a material that will hold up well for your lifestyle.

A final note, the higher the karats in gold the more valuable a ring will be but anything over 18k is going to be too soft to be practical.


Custom made wedding rings can take some time so you definitely want to start the process as soon as you can.

First, take the time to discuss this idea with your intended, because while you both may love birds, her idea of a wedding ring may not be a crafted bird nest with small pearls for eggs inside.

(It may be, but since these can be a touch expensive and non-returnable, let’s be sure).

It is a good idea to check with at least three custom ring creators.

These may be local jewelers or they may be online. In either case, make sure you have seen a good representation of their abilities and check references.

If you are opting for a completely unique design, it is a good idea to approve the ring as you go along, especially the initial renderings.

Of course, if you are simply going with a stock base and only changing the setting or materials, this will not be such an issue.

Next, talk to potential ring makers about the time it will take to complete your order.

Some crafters are extremely busy, particularly in early to mid-summer, so availability may fluctuate greatly from one month to the next.

Ask them about payment arrangements.

Most will want something up front and perhaps periodic payments as your ring progresses.

Do your best to have the ring completed several months before the big day.

You want to have time to make adjustments and in a worst-case scenario, find another ring.

With the right research and good credentials for the crafter, this should not be a big issue, but better safe than sorry. After all, this is your wedding day!

Final Thoughts

There is no better way to say I love you and express your desire to spend the rest of your lives together than by choosing custom made rings that speak to who you are both separately and together.

Whether you want a silver ring engraved with the infinity symbol around the entire ring or his and hers nut and bolt ring in brilliant gold, the idea is to build your own rings to express your love and your style.


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